Thursday, May 24, 2007

Critique of LOST Season 3 Finale


Those writers are amazing.

The "land of the LOST" club has been so much fun. Everyone screaming, laughing, or gasping at all the right moments. The commercials were great breaks for intriguing conversations. I don't think that any of our Lost club meetings ended before midnight. :) We just couldn't get enough of visiting.
I invite you back to the "land of the LOST" club in January 2008.

Thanks to each of you who came, sporadically or religiously. It was a blast!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


This month I did something that I've contemplated doing for three years. I entered the Writer's Digest competition. I won't know the results until October. Long wait. I entered in the Personal Essay category and the Poetry category. After I sent them in, I felt nauseous. I guess that's normal. I probably wouldn't have found the courage to send off this year except that another friend was entering too. It held me accountable.

Now, only 36 more articles/stories to send off before my birthday deadline! :) Not sure I'm going to make that one.