Monday, October 15, 2007


The other day LM (Little Mister) and I were snuggling together. I was chewing a piece of gum, which I am told I do very poorly, and he was watching me. He started mimicking me with very large chomps and loud smacks.

Me: Are you making fun of me?
LM: No. (continuing to chomp and smack)
Me: I think you're making fun of me.
LM: I'm not. (chomp, smack)
Me: (Raised eyebrows)
LM: Little boys ALWAYS love to chomp with their Mommies.
(Insert very precious little smile here)

I couldn't help but laugh. Charming, isn't he?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

So Much

Wow, I'm not sure how to update this long-forgotten blog. I guess I'll try to give the cliff notes version.

Moved in with Mother-in-law because she was too ill to care for herself. Realized I couldn't homeschool and care for her, so we put our kids in school. Completely emotional. Basketcase on many days. We lived there for two months. Began to adjust. Then felt a bit cramped. Five people in two bedrooms. MIL regained some mobility. Not much privacy. This weekend we moved back into our house. Happy sigh. I check in on MIL every day after taking kids to school. The End.

Now we're actually talking about moving close to MIL so I am frantically trying to get rid of stuff and prepare our house for a possible sale. Even thinking of moving is pretty hard at this point because I just got back into my cozy home. But I feel like God is teaching me one, all-important lesson: YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL!!!

Wish I could get it.