Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Honorable Mention #3

Well, I got a call back on my Library Adult Writing Contest submission. Remember the one that was giving me fits? Here's the phone call:

Lady: Mrs. X, you won Honorable Mention #3 for the Library Adult Writing Contest in the Personal Essay category!

Me: Oh!

Lady: Honorable Mention is good. There were a lot of entries.

Me: Great!

Lady: We will be having a reception to honor the winners, did you get the post card?

Me: Yes--um, did you say Honorable Mention #3?

Lady: Yes.

Me: (Huh?) What exactly does that mean?

Lady: There is a first and second place; then we number place the Honorable Mentions and you are #3. It is still a great honor.

Me: (You've said that twice and I'm beginning to wonder...) Yes, well, I wasn't trying to say it wasn't; I just didn't understand.

Lady: (Sweetly) I've been writing for a long time and I've never won anything. So, once again, congratulations!

Me: (That was nice) Thank you. Good-bye.

So, levels in Honorable Mention--who would have thought it? Oh, well...I'll take it!


Bttrfly1976 said...

Honorable Mention #3 is quite honorable. :)

I think that makes it fifth place and I say that's great. Tons of people enter those contests you know. I'm proud of you for doing it!!

I've missed you! It's really good to hear from you. :)

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Yes, 5th place sounds pretty good to me. Writing is an art and art is subjective.

I hope you go and have a great time at the honors reception.

heartsjoy said...

It is AWESOME!!! I have always known you are a great writer and I can't wait until these wins keep coming and others realize how wonderful your words are! But regardless, I am so proud of you for continuously writing and giving your words to encourage others. I have watched you grow as a writer and had your stories bring me to tears and make me laugh so hard I have to make a run. I think the thing I have loved most of all is watching you take the treck of not believing you are a writer to being so comfortable in who you are and being commited to daily diligence. Your writing continues to get better and better with each day and I can't wait to have my name somewhere at the front of your blockbuster book sales (dedicated to or something like that)!! ;) wink wink. There was so many people who put stories into this contest and won nothing. Yours stood above the rest. Never belittle what you accomplished. I celebrate wholeheartedly with you!!